A Research Journal of Epistemology and Related Fields Vol.۱۴: No.۵۵ - Autumn.۲۰۱۳
A Research Journal of 
Epistemology and Related Fields 
Vol.۱۴/ No.۵۵/Autumn.۲۰۱۳ 
Executive Director: Ali-Akbar Rashad 
Editor-in-Chief: Ali Reza Qaeminia 
Published by Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought (IICT) 
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P.O.Box: ۱۳۱۴۵-۴۴۴. Tehran 
E-mail: zehn@iict.ac.ir
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This book Contains these titles:

point؛ point؛ contents؛ The Epistemological Fundamentals of Religious Science Production / Ali Akbar Rashad؛ The significance of Religious Texts according to Neo-Mu'tazilites / Mohammad Arabsalehi ؛ Certainty in the Illuminative Philosophy / Mahdi Abbaszadeh ؛ Comparative appraisal of Karl Mannheim’s sociology of knowledge and T.S. Kuhn’s theory / GholamhosseinMoghaddamHeidari؛ Immediate knowledge a solution for some problems in primary propositions - A view of Mr. Muhammad­TaghiMesbahYazdi’s theory / AmirhosseinZadyousefi & DavoodHosseini ؛ Typology of Quranic concepts and areas of common understanding / AbulqasimAlidoost & AlirezaQaemiNiya & Muhammad Hussein Rafeei ؛ Pathology of the Continental philosophy of Language / Mohammad Reza Asadi & Mohammad RaayatJahromi