A Research Journal of Epistemology and Related Fields Vol.۱۸: No.۷۲ - winter.۲۰۱۸
A Research Journal of 
Epistemology and Related Fields 
Vol.۱۸/ No.۷۲/winter.۲۰۱۸ 
Executive Director: Ali-Akbar Rashad 
Editor-in-Chief: Ali Reza Qaeminia 
Published by Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought (IICT) 
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This book Contains these titles:

point؛ point؛ contents؛ The systematic extraction model of the knowledge sources and tools from The Holy Quran / Ali Mowlaei, Mahdi Golshani؛ Critical Analysis of Epistemological Principles of Cartesian Humanism Based on Allameh Mohammad-TaqiJa'fari's Thoughts / NargesAboul-Qasemian, AbdollahNasri, FazlollahKhaleghian؛ Conceptual metaphor of hearing and ear on verses of Quran / Sayyed Mahdi Mirzababaei؛ Al-Farabi on Induction and Experience / Zahra Esmaeili, Sayyaed Mohammad Hakkak؛ The structural model of development of knowledge and its implications from the point of view of the implications of the QuranicVerses / HoseinRamezaniHosin-Abad؛ The Nature of Intuition and its Characteristics in Kant's Epistemology / Ali FathTaheri؛ Critical investigation of Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai's Criticis to the power of imagination and its foundations in transcendental wisdom / Mahmoud Seidi, HasanMoradi؛ Reviewing the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic functions of the apposition structure in the Holy Quran concerning Meyer and Quirk theoretical approaches / BahmanGorjian, FarangisAbbaszadeh