A Research Journal of Epistemology and Related Fields Vol.۱۹: No.۷۳ - Spring.۲۰۱۸
A Research Journal of 
Epistemology and Related Fields 
Vol.۱۹/ No.۷۳/ Spring.۲۰۱۸ 
Executive Director: Ali-Akbar Rashad 
Editor-in-Chief: Ali Reza Qaeminia 
Published by Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought (IICT) 
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This book Contains these titles:

point؛ point؛ contents ؛ Semantics of The Protected Plate in Qur’an / Alireza Fakhari, Farzad Dehghani, Ali Sharifi؛ Reflection on the Relationship between Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics and Natural Science / Alireza Monajemi؛ The proof of the outside world in view of Allame Tabatabai' / Ali Reza Qaeminia, Islam Rajabi, Alireza Sanei؛ The criterion of the validity of Qur'anic propositions with emphasis on the political propositions of the Quran / Mohammad Abedi؛ Analysis of the relationship between soul and body in viewpoint of Aristotle and Avicenna with emphasis on the vegetative and animal soul. / Hosein Zamaniha؛ The role of conceptual metaphor for understanding of verses with adaption of metaphor of "life is commerce" / Amir Bani-Assar؛ Aesthetics in Islamic thought with emphasis on truth, criterion and source / Mohammad-Reza Jabbaran؛ Evaluating the common views on the "mind-body" problem in two issues: "the quiddity of knowledge" and "the relationship between mind and body" / Hosein Motallebi Karbekandi