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Lady Khadijah (s.a.)/About

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Name : Khadijah bint-e-Khuwailid

Title : Umm-ul-Momineen

Appellation : Tahirah

Father : Khuwailid bin Asad

Mother : Fatimah bint-e- Zaeidah

Birth : In Mecca

Death : 10th Ramadan 3 years before Hijra at the age of 64 . Buried in Mecca

Birth and Genealogy

Lady Khadijah (s.a.) was the first wife of the Holy Prophet (p). She was born in Mecca. Her father's name was Khuwailid bin Asad, a wealthy trader. The Genealogy of both Prophet Mohammed (p) and Lady Khadijah (s.a) were the same, reaching up to Qusayy.

Early Life

Her mother and father both died within 10 years from each other. Their wealth was divided amongst the children but it was Lady Khadijah (s.a.) who took over the family business and expanded it. With the profit she made she helped the poor, the widows, the orphans, the sick and the disabled people of Mecca.

She had a cousin called Waraqa bin Naufal who was a very learned man and who was not an idol worshipper. Both Waraqa and Lady Khadija were monotheists and believed in one God.

First contact with Prophet Mohammed (p)

Because of her excellent behaviour, the Arabs (who at that time used to look down upon women) called her Tahirah - the pure one. She was also known as the “Princess of Mecca” because of her wealth. A lot of Arab nobles and princes wanted to marry her but she refused all of them. In 595 AD, Lady Khadijah was looking for someone to be in charge of her caravan to Syria. Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s.) suggested

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